Activate 2019 Speakers Will be Announced Soon

Activate, the Search and AI Conference, brings together the brightest minds in search, AI, machine learning, data science, analytics, and UX to drive innovation and deliver rich, contextual digital experiences.

The initial call for submissions has ended and Activate will announce technical talks in June 2019. This year, Activate will also cover Digital Transformation including business-focused topics related to implementing AI-powered search in your organization. Please feel free to submit related talks through July 2019. 

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Key Themes.

Search Development at Scale

Open source Solr development, autoscaling, plugins and components, scaling search in the cloud, large-scale data ingestion, performance, replication & cross-data-center replication, architectural patterns

Search Relevance

Relevance ranking, personalized experiences and recommendations, type-ahead, spelling and query corrections, faceted navigation, search UI frameworks, head/tail analysis, harnessing user signals, A/B testing, best practices for user engagement and user experience (UX)

AI & Machine Learning

AI-powered search, AI research & technologies, neural networks, deep learning, semantic search, question answering, reflected intelligence, NLP, learning to rank, ethics of AI, explainable AI, “augmented intelligence” that empowers humans

Next-Generation Apps

Chatbots, virtual assistants, voice search, conversational AI, computer vision, image search, ubiquitous search

Data Science & Analytics

Predictive analytics, text analytics, sentiment analysis, data visualization, streaming analytics, knowledge discovery

Data-Driven User Experience

Human centered design built on data and information architecture, machine learning applied to UX, personalized, data-driven user experiences 

Use Cases.

Digital Commerce

Search and AI that improves the shopping experience, increasing relevance and personalization to boost add-to-cart and conversion rates, how AI might impact merchandising and other ecommerce roles

Digital Workplace

Search and AI that connects employees with information,  insights, and each other, case studies of connected workplaces that empower people to do their jobs more effectively and drive business results

Key Technologies.

Fusion Development

Projects using Fusion to deliver powerful, intuitive search experiences, enrich data with AI, and connect people with data in rich front end applications

Solr Development

New features in Apache Solr 8, open source contributions, plugins and ongoing development, faceting and streaming analytics, geospatial search, spell checking and autocomplete, and highlighting

Spark Development

Large scale data processing including deep learning, pipelines, and integrations with Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, and other libraries

Digital Transformation.

Case studies and executive briefings to build a data-driven organization, including technology strategy and roadmaps, fostering a culture of innovation, change management, methodologies, and assembling the right teams

If you would like to speak on a related topic that is not specifically listed, please go ahead! We are interested in innovations at the edge, and interested in representing diverse speakers and perspectives.



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